About Us

On Deck was created to put marketing back into the marketing presentation. 

Spend one hour in a marketing agency, entertainment agency or branding firm and you're sure to hear the word "deck" over and over again. A deck is essentially a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation proposing or pitching a concept or idea. Unfortunately most of the times, these decks resemble something you did in 10th grade computer class.

Working in marketing and branding for the past 10 years, our team has worked with major publications to movie studios to record labels and we quickly realized these high level marketing professionals were suffering from "Powerpoint Paralaysis". They either didn't have the design skills or the time to design a high quality presentation. Thats where we came in. We revamped old tired decks from some of the biggest names in business and entertainment into "deck-ed out" presentations that sold the proposal time and time again.

We have created a cost effective, time efficient and ultra high quality method to turn your drab decks into fab decks. We are branding experts who know how to design with marketing in mind and will give you the extra push to close that big deal.

Through our website, you can purchase "Deck Make-Overs" which you will send us a Powerpoint file of your current proposal with all text and content and we will redesign it for you. Or we can start from scratch with a custom deck, in which you send us content and elements and we package it up.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We are also available for bulk-pricing and monthly retainers for high volume clients, please inquire. Together we can end "PowerPoint Paralaysis".


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